Master’s Prep Courses

In addition to excellent preparation, you can rely on social and organisational support during your first weeks in the city of Aachen. The Master’s Prep Courses were developed by the RWTH International Academy in close cooperation with RWTH Aachen’s Textile Engineering department (ITA), the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

Key Facts

Study Format Preparatory Course
Conditions: Admission to M.Sc. Degree Program
Teaching: The courses will be held by professors and
research assistants of RWTH Aachen University
Course Fees: EUR 750.00 per technical course
Language: English

Preparatory Courses

Machine Design II

This Prep Course is only for the following M.Sc. Degree Programs:
CAME, NPE, Textile, Robosys, MME-CAME, MME-PS


  • Metal springs: general features and basic terms and technical designs
  • Connection elements: basic terms, design and calculation of rivet joints and screws; mechanics and engineering design of technical threads; operating behaviour, load-extension diagram and fatigue strength of bolted connections.
  • (Material bonding) basic terms and variations of soldering, welding, adhesive bonds; engineering design, calculation and technical drawing of welded connections.
  • (form-/force-fitting) functionalities, engineering design and variations of shaft-hub-connections, etc.
  • (force-/form-fitting) basic terms and design variations of power transmission drives
  • Basic terms and variations of technical couplings, brakes and clutches; functionalities, engineering design and calculation of variable-speed coupling, shift clutch and brake designs; mechanical basics of dynamic speed characteristics and friction work during coupling procedure.

Mathematics III

This Prep Course is for all M.Sc. Degree Programs:


  • Vector Analysis and Integral Theorems
    vector fields, chain rule, differential operators (div, curl, Laplace), curve integrals, scalar and vector potentials, area and volume integrals, transformation formula, surface and flux integral, integral theorems of Gauß and Stokes.
  • Fourier Analysis: Convergence of functions (uniform, pointwise,  and mean square convergence), Fourier polynomials, convergence of Fourier series.
  • Probability: Probability spaces, random variable, probability distribution, law of large numbers, central limit theorem.

Mechanics III

This Prep Course is for all M.Sc. Degree Programs:


  • Kinematics of the mass point: Position, velocity, acceleration; Frenet frame
  • Kinematics of the rigid body: Coordinate transformation and relative motion; Derivatives; Special cases of motion
  • Kinetics of the mass point: D’Alambert’s principle; Momentum; Moment of momentum; Impact; Work, energy and power
  • Kinetics of the rigid body: Principle of linear momentum for the rigid body; Principle of conservation of angular momentum of the rigid body; Energy and principle of energy conservation
  • Energy methods: Principle of the virtual Work; Lagrange formulation
  • Vibrations: Free undamped vibration; Free damped vibration; Forced vibration
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